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Hi. I decided to revive this otherwise.net blog which I had kept going for many years but discontinued around 2008, which incidentally is around the same time that I joined Facebook. I’m still an active Facebook user and find it indispensable for news circulation and social networking, but of course, there are lots of limitations and problems as well. It’s a shame that I’ve contributed so much to Facebook’s proprietary network at the expense of building a more public archive accessible to non-Facebook users.

Some of this isn’t just about Facebook. In part because I’m an academic engaged in several long-term research and writing projects, I’ve become increasingly more hesitant and proprietary about writing — either I try to share very little about things I’m still working on or I try to “save” the bits and pieces so I don’t “squander” my writing. I’m supposed to hoard ideas and observations until they are fully baked so that they can be published in longer, more complete pieces of writing later on. Unfortunately this usually means much later on.

I’m going to try to change this. It’s time I started writing more actively again and more generously about events and ideas that I’m still grappling with. I’ll try to resist against my own perfectionist tendencies. It’s a blog, a work in progress, and I’ll write sometimes in incomplete, even incoherent fragments. I will certainly make mistakes and change my mind about things.

As in the previous incarnation of otherwise.net, and as on Facebook, my primary preoccupations are with contemporary cultural politics, especially in South Korea and the Korean diaspora but also in North America, with particular interests in religion, mobilities, and difference. And as always, I will probably also blog about geeky things about design, technology, and comics. I’ll try to integrate my Facebook postings here, too, since Facebook remains a key platform for sharing news and events.

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